Why Is It So Hard?

Everybody wants to get enlightened but nobody wants to change.Andrew Cohen


We’re seekers. We seek after peace, contentment, enlightenment, something deeper, ‘the way’, escape, we can call it what we will… We’re all seeking something that’s beyond where and what we are… Perhaps that’s by design?

To get beyond where we are, change is required. Change of mind, of attitude and of perception.

change is hard

There’s something called the ‘ego’, that comes in the way of our efforts to change. We think we don’t need to change. We think others need to change. We think we’re already making enough of the changes necessary. The ego convinces us that it’s better to be safe and certain than to take risky action. We comply and therefore we change not because we venture not. All this while, because we don’t change, we suffer, people around us suffer and the world loses on the potentiality of another eternal soul!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM fearless!

Recommendation: Change Anything by Kerry Patterson

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