What Is Yoga?

13.24 Some by the Yoga of meditation, and by the grace of the Spirit, see the Spirit in themselves; some by the Yoga of the vision of Truth; and others by the Yoga of work.

13.25 And yet there are others who do not know, but they hear from others and adore. They also cross beyond death, because of their devotion to words of Truth.The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 13)

yoga (union)

Union with God, the ultimate reality is Yoga. This union can be effected via different mechanisms according to The Gita.

There’s the Yoga of Meditation which is all about meditating on the divine to attain transcendence. Then there’s the Yoga of Knowledge, which is focused on using the intellect to discover Truth. Next is ‘Karma Yoga’ the Yoga of Work where adherents are advised to devote all action and motive to God and thus find salvation. And finally there’s ‘Bhakti Yoga’, the Yoga of Love, in which through the vehicle of love for God and love for all, one can achieve the goal of the ages…


According to The Gita the easiest way to reach successfully beyond death is to just believe. Belief in a transcendent reality and truth is all that’s needed. The Urantia Book states the same thing, even an inkling of belief or faith in the life beyond is enough to qualify a human to be reborn in the after-life. Such a view might be contrary to some religions but is accepted widely by many.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a believer!

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