What It Takes To Be Cool…

Try to be like the turtle; at ease in your own shell.Bill Copeland

like a turtle

‘Slow and easy wins the race’, not only that but such a turtle doesn’t quite care what others think of him. He’s going to take it easy, be determined, plow along at his own pace and not care a bit about what others think about his life or his body. He’s cool.


For us to be like turtles we have to first be convinced about our own value. Where does such high self-esteem come from? It might have come from our parents, it might come from our friends, from our work and certainly from our accomplishments. For those who believe in God it can be simpler. As a child of God, a universally unique and creative off-spring of the ‘One’, we can find solace in the fact that we’re loved and cared for more than we can ever imagine. Once we accept this fact in faith, we can use prayer, reminders and affirmations to drill it into our psyche! Hello cool Turtle!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM cool-skinned!

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