This page is all about meditation and related techniques! I chose to call it Stillness because this word best describes the kind of meditation I think is most valuable. One that slows your constant thought chatter, down! Where you naturally become calm and are able to follow the ‘Law of the Garbage Truck’!

I’ll share Stillness techniques with you and these will include audio guided meditations, more to come………please stay tuned to this page!

Tip # 1: Connecting with your deep self

Tip # 2: Stretch your wings out

Tip # 3: Arise out of fear!

Tip # 4: Do Nothing!

Tip # 5: Sitting!

Tip # 6: Just Be

Tip # 7: FLaG It!

Tip # 8: Let It Be

Tip # 9: What Is True Meditation?

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