How To Experience Peace…

All thinking is a resistance to ‘what is’. Find peace (and thoughtlessness) by accepting everything just as it is. –

what is

We must flow with the river called Life. That’s a sure way to ‘peace that passeth all understanding’.


Today I AM very ok with ‘what is’. Life’s never been better.

What’s The Only Gift We Can Give?

The only gift is a portion of thyself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson 


We are only able to give of our self. And we only give to another part of our own self. Thus giving and receiving are really one.


Today I AM giving of my self by being my self.

What Is The Now?

The past is a mirage. The future never arrives. Now is all we ever have. –

nothing else

If we go looking for the past we can never find it except in our minds. The future also resides in our mind. Its built of thoughts that are recycled. So the future is even more meaningless than the past. All we ever have is the experience of being. Being here and now. There’s nothing else, there never was…


Today here I AM, I AM here, now…