How To Erase Anxiety…

I live by letting things happen. – Dogen


We experience separation from that which is. To erase this apparent separation we must allow what is. Any resistance to what is, causes the separation, therefore anxiety, and the feeling of loneliness, to intensify. As we allow life to just happen, over time, the separation slowly, becomes meaningless.

I Can Be Hurt By Nothing But My Thoughts…

I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts. a course in miracles

only I

The entirety of our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions is our world. Life and its problems are easily summed up thusly. Our experience of Life is via our thoughts, the mind that we’ve constructed which is the same as ‘I’, the ego. And it’s the Ego, who we think is us, that appears to hurt us. Nothing but our own thoughts is the culprit.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

Why We Must Let Go…

Holding on to what you think will meet your needs is like holding your breath. a course of love

just flow

We really think we know what’s good for us and that we must figure it all out in life. Not true. The road to wisdom is the path of ‘the beginner’s mind‘, or unknowingness. Attempting to hold on to what we think will keep us safe is foolhardy. The divine parent is truly watching out for us, and she can only help us if we give up our know-it-all attitude when it comes to everything in life.

From Now to Eternity…

Now is the closest approximation of eternity that this world offers. a course in miracles

what is, now

Now, truly now, is a place, actually an experience, that’s indescribable. It’s where we, as pure awareness, are simply experiencing what is. We’re not naming what is, or creating word descriptions of it in our minds. We’re just ‘knowing’, and eventually ‘being’ what is.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

Why Demon Worship Is Good…

Transformation is … a practice in facing your own created demons. Victoria Erickson


We run away from our deepest and darkest secrets. How, you might ask? By somehow pushing them into our subconscious mind. And we’re unable to truly transform and change unless we face these very demons. And how you might ask is that done? At least in a couple of the following ways.

1) When we meditate regularly all these ‘dark’ thoughts and traumas make their way up into our waking consciousness. We can then ‘process’ them by simply becoming aware of them and letting them be.

2) Another way they surface is in our relationships with others. If we watch carefully others will appear to mirror to us all that we don’t care to face. If we do notice that happening then we may simply ‘watch’ such occurrences or ‘forgive‘ the others for what they appear to do to us.

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