Why We Need More Feminity!

In a day and generation when a man was not supposed to salute even his own wife in a public place, Jesus dared to take women along as teachers of the gospel…The Truth Book


Woman is the bedrock of society. She’s the cornerstone of a family unit. Without the balancing and calming female energy in any situation the effort is likely to become too aggressive and overshoot its mandate. The feminine energy can be the calming balm that’s necessary in the world today. Whenever we need resolution to a touchy topic or an argument, let’s seek the ‘feminine’ approach!

yin & yang

Divinity expresses itself equally via the 2 material channels. The male and the female, the ‘on’ and the ‘off’, up and down, electron and proton. The world today is still male dominated when it comes to ideas and policies. When we truly need peace to prevail we’ll want the feminine energy to balance the masculine!

Daily Affirmation: Today I yield to inevitabilities.

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