The Moment That Can Change Everything!

The Moment we’ve been waiting for just arrived!  – Namaste Now!

the moment

All our previous moments have led us to this one. Now. This really has been the moment we’ve always anticipated. Our future has arrived. What will we do with it?

In my blog yesterday I set high expectations for today’s quote. That’s what we do daily when we anticipate something in the future. Does it help or does it hurt? How can we be fully present to the most amazing moment of all time?

tough and lovely

We might be facing a tough moment. In which case let’s embrace it fully and experience it for what it is. Then let’s look around and inside us to affirm all that’s good and is working. Let’s be grateful for what this difficult moment will eventually blossom into…

If it’s a lovely moment we’re experiencing then what is it that makes it lovely?

If we’re indifferent about this moment then how can we make this and every moment glorious?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM making the most of the most anticipated and amazing moment of all time!!


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