Who Was Frosty Westering?

You make the big time where you are!  – Frosty Westering


I met Brad Westering last week at Garfield High School. Somehow we ended up discussing a great man, Frosty, Brad’s dad. Frosty died last month and I realized while chatting with Brad that he was one of the most ‘alive’ people while he walked this planet. Read his obituary.

“Did you know one of the most remarkable American coaches died on Friday?

and while he lived, oh boy, was he alive.”

the big time!

We all want to be happy. But happiness is not a destination, the wise say, it’s the journey itself. With his actions Frosty made it abundantly clear that if we can’t make the most of where we are then we’ll never make it. What sage advice from a sage like person!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM making it big right here!.

Recommendation: Make the Big Time Where You Are by Frosty Westering

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