Who’s The Ideal Life Partner?

If you are going to fall in love, try to make your relationship one that generates great spiritual creativity, one that is mutually enriching.Daisaku Ikeda

life partner

A partner for life, means just that. We all have access to a physical and/or virtual ‘life’ partner. We’re lovingly looked after by God our parent. Love is the very basis for all reality and why we all exist. In this current separation from spiritual reality, for very good reasons, we suffer from loneliness, but there’s a way out…

spiritual connection

We must make connection with Spirit. This can be done directly via stillness practices and can be enhanced via a wholesome relationship with a spouse or partner. This connection, such a relationship, is our way beyond our current struggles and lack of the big picture. Life can be wholesome, satisfying and thrilling, we just need to turn our perspective inward and ask that Reality get involved! It will…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM in love with my partner!

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