Which 2 Emotions?

Every human thought, and every human action, is based in either love or fear. There is no other human motivation.Neale Donald Walsch

do you buy it?

Think about it, every action or thought is motivated by either love or fear. If you cook something it’s either because you love cooking, love eating, love pleasing another being or fear another person, fear dying of hunger or some other minor fear. Try this thought experiment with any thought you think next or action you contemplate; is the motivation love or fear? If you think for example you want to complete a work assignment, it could be that you fear the consequences of not completing it or that you love your job.

what this means

So which emotion would we choose? Love of course. When we do that we align our whole self with the working of the Universal Intelligence. Synchronicity then occurs. Things just work out. We learn important lessons, with the right attitude of love, when things don’t quite work out.

As we become more aware of our seemingly inconsequential motivations behind each thought or act, we realize how important it is to direct our life to flow with love. By doing this consistently we banish fear and eventually worry, out of our life. You’re then a free, totally safe, dynamic, creative and joyful child of the Universe!!

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One thought on “Which 2 Emotions?”

  1. When we really adore God, our love for Him and for alll other creatures who are God-indwelt replaces fear completely. We then become impervious to that weakening emotion of insecurity or uncertainty that must not be present, even minimally, during certain decisive moments of each day of the Father’s present for each and everyone of us as His sons. We need this in our decision-making process, every hour. Whenever we enhance the strenght and meaning of our experiences by interpreting them as part of our transmillenial contemporaneity, we then progress in the integration of our unique God-given personalities and co-created souls, thus balancing our cosmic or psychological circles in a self-sustainable pattern to serve fraternally in Creation. After the Urantia Book, an adoring- loving reader like you and me can finally accomplish that integration, no matter what has been before him or before the other ascending mortals like us, privileged to have been born in this Pale Blue Sphere. Salvington is the Celestial-Architectonic capital of Nebadon. Urantia, a geological one, is the homeland we will always keep in the memory of our heart-mind-spirit equation existential. This is our formula for the joy of living this adventure of existence, from the vital plasma of 550 million years ago to the Light and Life individual and/or planetary, when we show indisputable merit and trusting willingness to reach it. Namaste!!

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