What You Really Want…

What you really want is something that you can’t think about. Now think about that.Howard Vernon

our endless goals

Ok the quote is confusing, and that’s on purpose. We’re often so lost in our thoughts, about plans, things to do, goals to achieve, this, that and the other, that our minds are never at a rest…

true satisfaction

If we can’t be satisfied, now, with all we have and all we are, then our thirst will never be quenched. How can our minds rest? How can we begin to find peace today? By learning to quiet our minds. One simple way is to get out of our minds, literally, and put our attention on our body. Putting our attention on our breathing works real well, try it! Learn about Stillness here.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM my breath.

Recommendation: True Meditation by Adyashanti

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