No One Answer!

There’s never just one right answer…

And there’s never just one right question.The Universe

settled philosophy, there isn’t

We’ll be lost if we ever think we know enough, about anything. The Universe and the Creator are infinite, time itself goes on forever, so if we’re to have any kind of a meaningful eternal existence, there better not be an ultimate truth that’s easy to reach and comprehend. Your thoughts?

q & a, plus more

Yes there’s certainly not one answer, to most questions. Questions there are many, that can be asked. In fact depending on the questions asked, the Universe responds. The question we ask determines what we see. The Universe and our existence is designed for continuous growth, discovery and adventure! Life is good, and it’s exciting!! Dream on….

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM asking more than I’m telling.

Recommendation: Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley

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