What Matters Most?

What will matter to us most when we are old?Questions…

time is passing

With every breath and with each passing day, time is passing. It’s passing much faster than we realize. What can that mean to us? How are we utilizing this amazing talent that’s been gifted to us?

most important

We must all decide what’s most important to us. What is it that matters most? When we explore this individually and collectively what values become clear and most dear?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM discovering what matters most!

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One thought on “What Matters Most?”

  1. Read a book called “The Path With Heart” by Jack Kornfield and he said that the three things people ask most frequently at the end of life is: 1. Did I love completely? 2. Did I live fully? 3. Did I learn to let go? I keep this with me all the time as a reminder to what really matters. Number 3 is my challenge 🙂

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