What Does Matter?

The only thing that matters…  – Neale Donald Walsch

what matters?

A lot of what we do on a daily basis may not matter much from an eternal perspective. Does career matter? Does the decision for our next car matter? Does making the right college choice really matter?

soul’s agenda

If we think that there’s much more to life and reality than meets the eye then the ‘agenda’ for our life must be a spiritual one. If we think that God created everything then our perspective has to be more than a material one. If we believe that we live forever then certainly our ‘soul’ must have a lot to say about our life on this planet!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM focused on my soul’s agenda!

Recommendation: The Only Thing That Matters by Neale Donald Walsch

The Only Thing That Matters: Book 2 in the Conversations with Humanity SeriesKindle Paperwhite, 6