The greatest power!

The greatest power is often simple patience.E. Joseph Cossman

Patience can and does go a long way. Peer into your mind and you’ll find many areas, habits, goals and desires where you’re not being patient. You want a certain result and you want it real soon! How realistic is that? And does that impatience really get you what you want? Is what you want; a real need?

You’ll find a great satisfaction and yes a great power when you can just let things be. If you don’t chase anything, but instead are patient, that thing tends to come to you much sooner. Discover that power, the power of patience! Try it on one particular life aspect after you recognize your impatience with it and see what happens! As events turn you’ll either be surprised with that which you always wanted or you’ll discover that what turned up in your life instead is far better for you.

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