Questions to ask…

It is better to know some of the questions rather than to know all the answers.James Thurber

This is another bit of amazing advice! When we’re lost does it not help to ask rather than to assume and act as though we know? Men appear to do the latter more than women when lost driving apparently :)!

Well it’s the same way in life. To seek and find answers to life’s most difficult and mysterious questions; we must ask. If we go about thinking we already know, that would be true, except limited to what we already know!

Think in questions! Refine these questions. Journal all questions.

We grow when we do that.

Another quote:

"He that knows not,
    and knows not that he knows not
        is a fool.
            Shun him

He that knows not,
    and knows  that he knows not
        is a pupil.
            Teach him.

He that knows,
    and knows not that he knows
        is asleep
            Wake him.

He that knows,
    and knows that he knows
        is a teacher.
            Follow him."

(Arabic proverb)

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