Making Time For The Important Stuff!

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.Bruce Lee

what next?

So far on this journey we’ve covered the following topics:

  1. How Do I Fix It?
  2. Be Zen Do!
  3. What Needs To Change?
  4. How To Become More Aware

Change is easy when we know how to attempt it. Will-power alone doesn’t cut it. We need a guiding philosophy such as be~zen~do and then we need to know what must change. Increasing self awareness is the essential tool to that end.

Next we face two issues:

  • How to make time to effect change in our lives? And…
  • How to actually effect change, i.e. have the motivation and the skills to do it?

making time

Change is difficult, we often have wonderful excuses, conscious and unconscious ones that thwart our attempts to change. Once we know how to make time we’ll figure out why it’s so hard to change in the first place!

Once we know what we’re going to change, we’ll need to make time in our daily busy life. How do we do that? The way to do that is by streamlining all our daily tasks. If we can be organized about the rest of our life, we’ll make enough time during the day to spend on more worthwhile activities such as step 4 above…

Here’s a basic system that can be applied to our ‘worldly’ tasks! Divide all your work into 3 major projects:

  • Have 3 projects. Must finish each project in less than 3-6 months. In this system you shouldn’t start a 4th project even if 1 or 2 are done; all 3 must be done before you pick the next 3.
  • Make steady progress on each project by breaking down the projects into a series of steps and working on them weekly and possibly daily.
  • Simplify each step into one or more tasks.
  • Select at least 3 HITs (High Impact Tasks) each morning. At least one or 2 of these HITs should be related to your 3 current projects.
  • Complete these 3 HITs early morning. Do not check email!
  • Now work on your routine tasks. Try to batch them into time slots by context.
  • Have a process to capture all incoming information and resulting tasks.
  • Must mono-task, no multi-tasking
  • Have a fixed time during the day for
    • Email
    • Internet
  • Do a weekly review, get back on track and plan your next week.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM on track!

Recommendation: Getting Things Done by David Allen

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