How To Become More Aware

I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.Billie Jean King


Continuing from yesterday’s post, What Needs To Change

Increasing awareness of self and of what we truly seek are the next steps in our ‘change’ journey. These are skills which will be handy at any stage of our lives. Some of tools which can be employed at this stage are:

  • Self-Inventory: Becoming aware of what motivates us, what irritates us, why we get angry or passionate. Here’s more about it… Want To Stop The Suffering?
  • Active Journaling: A form of journaling that allows for closer contact with our spirit inside, more here: Emotional Freedom!
  • Shadow-Self: Combine the above two… For a given day, carry a journal and every hour on the hour jot down: What was my dominant thought the last hour? What am I dwelling on right now?
  • Stillness: Use a method for stilling our minds and for having directed-thought, some tips here:
  • Assessments: Consider personality assessment tests as well as something like Strengths Exploration.
  • Personal Vision Statement: A vision statement may be crafted based on using the above tools. A vision statement is one that states in a few words the end state an entity wants to achieve. An example might be: I am a loved and admired husband and father.

These tools can be used to help us figure out what needs to change. Once we have that we can use the Vision Statement as our end goal and as a motivational tool.

dimensions of awareness

Work on transforming self can be done along the following dimensions:

  • Body: Focus is on wellness goals…
  • Mind: Focus is on intellectual and psychological well-being
  • Soul: Spiritual aims are the focus here…
  • Life-Purpose: In some ways this bucket combines the first 3 dimensions and puts the focus on how our existence impacts and improves people and things around us, our world…What is our contribution to Life?

There can be other dimensions… More on this overall process next time!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM changing for the better!

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