How you think matters…

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.William Shakespeare

A big root of all unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life is our judgmental way of looking at ourselves, others and the world around us. Which is why it pays to watch our thoughts as much as possible.

Most times we lose ourselves in our thoughts. We become our thoughts. An off-shoot of this situation is that we feel irritated when others intrude while we’re lost in our own chain of thoughts.

Become aware of the fact that you are having the thoughts, you are not your thoughts. The latter is what we experience mostly.

As soon as you separate your conscious, witnessing mind from the constant chatter, you are able to tune into a timeless wisdom and peace. This experience expands in proportion to the time you spend in such moments, called Now.

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2 thoughts on “How you think matters…”

  1. ofcourse it’s true, i just realize, thinking matters really a lot while speaking, doing things etc., activities on our daily life. Nice explanation for the quote.

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