Extinguish fear with love…

Fear is a darkroom where negatives developUsman B. Asif

Our biggest inhibitor is fear. When fear is present love cannot exist. When love doesn’t exist our connection to ‘that which underlies all’ cannot exist. That creates a vicious cycle. The more we fear or focus on fear, the more fearful we become. Instead focus on creating the virtuous cycle of love, here’s how it begins.

It begins with our attitude toward ourselves and the world. We must accept ourselves; in other words love our selves. That allows us to have a positive outlook toward other people, the world and even God. In turn positive energy and circumstances begin to flow into our life experience. That builds and sustains the ‘lovely’ cycle.

Love instead, when fear tries to take a hold of you!

Recommendation: Love: What Life Is All About by Leo F. Buscaglia