How To Transform Our Lives…

Love, what is.Namaste Now!

all good

There’s a much larger purpose that’s unfolding. It’s unfolding in our lives and all around us. If we can catch this undercurrent it’ll pull us along. We’ll be happier and more fulfilled. It knows how to take best advantage of everything that’s happening. Even our saddest and most traumatic events will become more understandable in good time. It really is all good. Let’s embrace what is. It’s the path to the future we all want…

love it

The way to peace and wisdom is to love it all. This doesn’t mean we understand everything that’s happening to us. It just means that we accept that it’s all good and for a greater purpose. We accept in faith that God has this all figured out and that we should let go. We comprehend that Love is the real currency of Life. And decide to become shining examples of this love, to self and to others.

Ref: By Love, For Love and To Love and

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM an embodiment of living love…

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Love: What Life Is All AboutKindle Paperwhite, 6