How To Live With No Regrets!

Happiness is a choice that I can make no matter how grim circumstances might seem. The joy of being alive is always attainable... Patti Pansa

patti pansa

“… with Stage 4 metastasized breast cancer, Patti didn’t want to wish. She wanted to know how to live life with no regrets. Out of Patti’s vision and sense of urgency, the No Regrets Project was born. Between radiation treatments, spinal surgery and a bucket list trip to Alaska, Patti wrote essays, talked with anyone who would listen, dreamed and created. In the end, she developed five simple, personal practices to help herself live life more fully: be grateful every day, trust – take the risk, courage to be me, choose joy, and love myself & share it. While the phrases may be simple, accomplishing them is not. The development of the No Regrets Project is Patti Pansa’s legacy to all of us.”


Today I AM leaving no regrets on the table! I AM grateful. I AM trusting and take risks. I AM courageously me. I AM choosing joy. I love myself and share this love. I AM living fully!

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