How To Live In Spirit!


Be Love!

Be Grateful! 

Namaste Now!

spiritual life

How can we live a spiritual life? I think we can by living these 3 ideas:

Behold: Behold all that’s good out there. Behold and strive for what’s true. And appreciate beauty in all its forms. This makes for wonder-filled living! Life can never be boring.

Be Love: God is love and we must emulate him. When we’re love-filled and act on this love without discrimination then our life becomes holy and we’re effectively the eyes and ears of God himself. Life is fulfilling and without regret. Next we must act on this love and serve those in emotional and physical need.

Be Grateful: We have a lot to be thankful for. When we express this gratitude and the more we express it the more amazing our life becomes. We’re literally on a grand adventure, let’s enjoy the journey!


Today I AM poised to live a spiritual life. I behold all that’s lovely and bountiful in life. Truth itself flows through me and I AM confident about life itself. All goodness expresses itself through me. I AM love and love finds its gentle expression through me today. I find myself being tender and kind. I can’t stop being thankful today for the bounty that is evident in my life. Thank you God for everything!!

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