How To Conquer Fear!

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.  – Bertrand Russell


Fear real or imagined, cripples us. We can’t think clearly when under the influence of fear. If we can’t think clearly then how can wisdom flourish in our lives? How can we conquer fear?

conquer fear

Here are steps that work:

  1. First we must become aware of when we feel fear. We’re fearful of a lot of stuff. Let’s figure out, through mindfulness, what we fear and when, through-out the day.
  2. Next let’s understand the futility of it! Let’s fully grasp and internalize what a waste of energy it is. Most of what we fear never materializes and what does materialize can’t be attended to if we’re disabled by fear.
  3. Once we become aware of any fear arising in our heart or stomach (yes that’s where it generally shows its ugly face!) let’s dissociate from that feeling. In other words recognize that our witnessing of that emotion is separate from it. This is a huge step. We are not our thoughts, we have our thoughts.
  4. Once we learn to dissociate from the fear we can transcend it by choosing our reactions and thoughts regarding any situation. Let’s not be victims for this greatest fraud of all time, let’s become masters of self!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM becoming fearless!

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The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: Find the Power to Never Feel Powerless AgainKindle Paperwhite, 6