How To Achieve Our Destiny!

Destiny is not a matter of chance;

it is a matter of choice.

It is not a thing to be waited for;

it is a thing to be achieved. 

William Jennings Bryan


It’s our life and our destiny that we control; by our thoughts, determinations, agreements, affirmations, assumptions, desires, habits, actions and goals!

Let’s talk about agreements today, what are they? They are larger assumptions that we live by. An example might be: ‘My parents divorced when I was a kid, no one really loves me, not even God’. Another one could be: ‘I’ve failed in many of my major endeavors in life, I can’t make a success out of anything’. Such basic but major assumptions define, to a large extent, what we’ll experience in life. We do learn a lot from adversity so is it worthwhile to try and create a perfect life? God does want us to be happy but she also wants us to grow as humans into reliable and mature beings. So in my opinion the attempt to use the ‘Law of Attraction’ to create an ideal life is a little misplaced. A truly fulfilling life can only be obtained when our life is in lock-step with the Universal Mind, God’s Will. Living with God as our partner is to actually fulfill our destiny. Let’s ponder that…


Today I know I AM loved and cherished by God. My life and every decision I make is worthwhile. I make great choices and take care of my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Everyone adores me because I care for them and am selfless in my actions towards them. Life has never been better and I welcome a constant partnership with God as I take each step forward. Thank you God, I appreciate it all!

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