Flow with life

True mastery can be gained by letting things go their own way.  It can’t be gained by interfering.  – Lao-tse

Lao-tse, the father of Tao, is pointing to how your lack of reaction to events can help you master them! There are 2 essential ways to react to any event. One is to attach to an event via your thoughts (and emotions), get drawn in and in turn possibly regret your reaction later.

The other is to view the event as an observer, without identifying your personality and history with the event. In this situation you’re observing without manufacturing thoughts about the situation. You’re just being, you’re just listening, you’re just flowing with what’s going on.

That in turn allows you to be the master of that event. You control your reaction to any situation, which means that you control your own happiness!

As you do this with every event in your life you begin to flow with life, a happy unperturbed camper at all times!

Recommendation: Tao Te Ching