Feeling Blue?

I just believe that optimism is the best policy. But, sometimes it’s difficult to be optimistic when you feel a little down. At those times, I’ve found that a small act of kindness, whether it’s performed by you or someone else, can really help boost your mood up. – SaraVera

feeling down?

When you feel down, the first step is to fully become aware of this feeling. Where is it in your body? Try to trace your thoughts back to how it all started. This will help you build a practice to uncover how and when you get the blues.

be kind

One great way to get out of the blues is to help someone who needs your help. Even allow someone else to be kind to you. Try not to snap back at such an individual, receive their help graciously. Smile.

Daily Affirmation: Today I will watch as I become sad. I will take back control of my mind. I will be loving and kind, to myself and others.

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