Create the future you would like…

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.Alan Kay

How much of your future do you think you can affect?

The answer to that question will define your power over your own life.

Granted there are certain inevitabilities like the nature of Nature that rule out certainties of any material sort. Beyond that though, your basic assumptions about life, health, happiness, relationships and your world-view will define your life as you will live it in the future. Your current beliefs and desires have put you where you are today.

How much power do you have upon yourself? Your mind? Catch yourself making subtle assumptions through-out the day. For example do you try to save money even though it might not be worth your time? Then it will follow that money may not flow freely into your life. Do you believe that because you’re not athletic, you’re not fit and therefore not healthy? If so, that belief will become reality in your daily life. Subtle beliefs are very hard to catch, but they’re often caught by people near you. Listen to them. Watch your thoughts, especially as they arise. Observe your actions and reactions.

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