Connecting with your deep self

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.Mahatma Gandhi

Imagine entering your bedroom, shutting the door behind you to the day’s worries, the hustle and the noise. You are now feeling very calm and settled. Next you sit (or lie) down and settle into a quiet repose. You now experience a peace and joy that’s impossible to describe to anyone else!


This is a good description of what Meditation/Stillness feels like. It’s something you can practice even beyond the confines of your private retreat.


Meditation Tips: Below is a first step towards learning how to practice stillness. About once a week I’ll be sharing a new tip, the series will guide you into meditating like a pro!


Meditation Tip #1: Try this. Notice the palm of your hand. Just experience it for what it is, don’t create a thought about it. Now put your attention on your breath and just experience it. Breathe in/out normally.

Most of us are lost in the inner chatter of our mind making up thoughts about everyone and everything. As you notice your body you enter the present moment and it stays that way until your mind manufactures a thought about the experience.

Now all day try to recreate moments like these, become present by noticing your body/breath and don’t think about it, just experience it.

This is the first step (and actually the last….tell you more later) towards stillness, peace and calm!!

Recommendation: Gateways to Now by Eckhart Tolle

6 thoughts on “Connecting with your deep self”

  1. Hi Manu [},

    I have been reading you every day, to my great benefit. But these tips are especially meaningful and timely. Thanks a lot for promising some more, every week. I will be looking forward for their arrival.

    May the best winds keep blowing your sails,

    Frederico [} === {]

  2. Hi Manu [} ==,

    In this opportunity, I recalled the idea that you and Ron had nurtured years ago, of having an English-language tmarchives and Monjoronson site in India, as a fall-back position in case of temporary problems around the mother site in Pensylvania. Do you not think it would be cost-beneficial, for the just in case? The safer we play, the better will we serve the Missions Urantian, Magisterial and Teaching, I think.

    All the best,

    Frederico [}==

  3. Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier! Thanks for all your comments, yes let’s get together soon to discuss the idea of having in mirror in India soon!

  4. Please change the font styles not readable……I am not able to focus on reading the tips text… distracting me

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