Why You’ve Been Chosen!

To be born is to be chosen. No one is here by accident. John O’Donohue


Sometimes we might think … ‘Hey we didn’t ask to be born, so how come we have to go through all this?’. Well that might be true but we are created beings. Think about that.

God created us.

Reflect on what we create with love and attention. Surely God did the same for each of us? If that’s case then we weren’t just created, we were chosen, we are an expression, we are a largely unexpressed desire, of All That Is! This is a mind-boggling thought.

special destiny

And because we are chosen we each have a special destiny! You know when children play, they have a fantastic time and they truly believe that what they’re doing is valuable and special. We need to remind ourselves of that same spirit. We’re living and breathing in God’s playground, learning special skills and expressing unique actions. Let’s claim our special destiny and make our time on this planet the best we can!!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM chosen and thusly will I act!

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