Why We’re Never Alone!

No God-knowing mortal can ever be lonely in his journey through the cosmos, for he knows that the Father walks beside him each step of the way...  – The Urantia Papers

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the truth

God-knowing simply means accepting God’s presence in our lives. And recognizing that God is the ultimate author of reality and therefore our own existence. Acceptance of this Truth sets us free. We can roam the playground that is our planet with full confidence that it ‘all works out’ and that ‘all is well’. We truly should not be worried in life. No wonder Jesus always said ‘Be of good cheer’ and ‘Fear not’! God himself walks with us constantly…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM God’s child and I know it!

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The Urantia Book: Indexed Version with free Audio Book on DVD (Can only be played on a computer with a DVD drive.)Kindle Paperwhite, 6