Why *WE* Must Choose!

Our attitude in the face of life’s challenges determines our suffering or our freedom.Tara Brach

up to us

We create and therefore choose our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our feelings. Our mental state is reflective of our feelings. We have the ability to step back, even from our feelings, to witness all that goes on. That allows our mind to experience equanimity. Peace is within reach…

just is

Life just happens. Our interpretation gives life meaning and flavor. Sometimes when unsavory things occur it’s best to realize that Life just is. Acceptance is the way forward. With a clear mind comes increasing recognition of the path forward. When all is said and done, life does make sense.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM reflective and present…

Recommendation: The Secret of Letting Go by Guy Finley

The Secret of Letting GoKindle Fire, Full Color 7