Why We Must Be The Change!

The following exchange took place between teacher and inquirer:

‘How can I avoid a noisy world?’

‘Be quiet yourself.’

‘How can I avoid getting hurt?’

‘Be harmless yourself.’

‘How can I avoid false teachings?’

‘Be true yourself.’

Whatever kind of psychological events a man meets, he really meets himself, for he and his world are one. Vernon Howard

we are the world

We are literally the world. Our own consciousness is all we truly know.

  • We assume others understand and view the world the way we do. They don’t.
  • We assume that circumstances need to change for us to be happy. Not true.
  • We think we’ll be happy when others start behaving. Nope.
  • We know we’ll be happier when we reach a certain goal. Probably not.

it’s us

It started with us when we became conscious of self. The onus remains on us. We control our happiness. We control our reaction to events. We design our thoughts. We decide what makes us happy. We choose our own values. We  take action the way we please. We must change if our world is to change. We must change if we’re to architect our destiny. We must change if we’re to be free.

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM the change.

Recommendation: The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard

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