Why Perspective Matters…

You can only be happy when you see things in proper perspective:  all human beings are of equal importance in God’s sight, and have a job to do in the divine plan.The Peace Pilgrim


If we really think about it, all we have is our own perspective of things. We can only ever know our own mind, we can only ever be conscious of our self alone. We cannot totally put ourselves into anyone else’s shoes, and therefore we can never truly know their perspective.

now what?

If that’s true then how can we ever know Truth? We have a shot at it if we pursue God’s mind. God is the ultimate distributor and purveyor. He forever distributes himself and the bounties of the Universe. Upon asking we can start to receive this gift of knowing God’s mind, life then starts to make a lot more sense!

Daily Affirmation: Today I seek God’s mind!

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