Why God’s Will?

6.2… and no man can be a Yogi who surrenders not his earthly will. The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 6)

who’s a yogi?

The word Yoga can be literally translated from the original Sanskrit to mean ‘unite’ or ‘union’. Union with ultimate reality is the goal of any practitioner (yogi) of yoga! The Bhagavad Gita makes it plenty clear that ultimate reality is God as a person.

my will

Our ‘earthly will’ is just that, very circumscribed, selfish and short-term oriented. We cannot know how our selfish actions will impact the greater good of creation. Therefore it becomes spiritually important that we fine tune our will to be inspired by God’s. Without doubt God’s Will always proceeds from love, understanding, truth, beauty and goodness. We cannot go wrong if we access the divine will and execute on it. That is actually the ultimate adventure!

Daily Affirmation: Today I seek God’s will for me.

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