‘Getting Naked’ and the Law of Attraction II

Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow
your mind.
The Secret


I was disappointed at first because I was hoping I’d get a copy of his new book, Getting Naked. However I quickly recovered and was very thankful for getting this book, I knew I needed it! The session concluded and I was fortunate to also have been invited to a smaller group to discuss topics with Patrick Lencioni later in the day! I’ll be sharing more about the book Getting Naked itself in another blog….


The group turned out to be just about 6-8 folks! Imagine that, getting time to spend with a famous author and executive coach in such a private setting! I met Pat and chatted for a little bit and got my book autographed by him! At the conclusion of this event two things happened that reminded me of the law of attraction and were triggers for me to write these 2 blogs! The organizer came by and started handing out books to everyone present. She had only one copy of Getting Naked, I got it, and it was already autographed! Not just that; I got to chat with Pat once more and asked him questions regarding my corporate coaching engagement, where his name had first come up! He gave me some excellent tips which pretty much designed for me the approach I was going to take with my corporate client. In my mind the Universe/God had given me everything I had needed. I hadn’t sweat about any of this. I had essentially held in my mind what I thought I needed and had kept doing what was necessary while being grateful for the present. I also implicitly held the belief that God takes care of it all, not me. That’s it, that’s The Secret in action. Btw this is one small example of how this universal principle works in my life and in yours!

Daily Affirmation: Today I set big meaningful goals for myself.

Recommendation: Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni

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