Why Be Fearless?

Of one thing you may be sure: The Father does not send affliction as an arbitrary punishment for wrongdoing.  – The Urantia Papers (148:5.3)


The Universe does not punish. God is not petty, he’s God. He’s created it all, imagine his wisdom. He’s our parent, imagine his love for us. The laws of the Universe may not be transgressed. So if we decide to jump off a cliff we’ll probably die. We suffer the consequences of the choices we make.

feel safe

We should feel safe. A personage (or power) that can create everything must be capable of tracking everything that goes on in that reality. We were created in love and are guided by that same love. The trick is to allow that love to flow through us. Life then becomes a cinch. It really is that simple, at least in concept!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM feeling safe!

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