Who Was The Peace Pilgrim?

The body, mind and emotions are instruments which can be used by either the self-centered nature or the God-centered nature.  – The Peace Pilgrim

a role model

In my early years of enquiry into the spiritual life Mildred Lisette Norman Ryder was a major influence. She’s more popularly known as The Peace Pilgrim. Her story is an amazing one. Her life was the message, a message of finding inner peace and spreading it via contact with others. She walked, literally hiked, all over the United States for 28 years of her life, walking the talk instead of just talking about it! You may download or order a printed copy of her inspiring book here.

her message

Her central message is that we must be genuinely peaceful first and then that peace can be a beacon for others.

This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.The Peace Pilgrim

She speaks about 4 Preparations, 4 Purifications and 4 Relinquishments in order to achieve a peace beyond understanding… More here or in her book!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM peaceful by nature!

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Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own WordsKindle Paperwhite, 6