Where Do They Come From?

There is a reason why the other man thinks and acts as he does. Ferret out that reason and you have the key to his … personality. Dale Carnegie


People and their antics befuddle us daily! What are they up to and why do they do the same things again and again!? We never really understand why people do what they do. What would happen if we took time to understand them? What if we discover their true motivations, fears, assumptions, hopes and desires?

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17th Dale Carnegie Principle: Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view.

Here’s a story from the book:

Seeing things through another person’s eyes may ease tensions when personal problems become overwhelming. Elizabeth Novak of New South Wales, Australia, was six weeks late with her car payment. "On a Friday," she reported, "I received a nasty phone call from the man who was handling my account informing me if I did not come up with $122 by Monday morning I could anticipate further action from the company. I had no way of raising the money over the weekend, so when I received his phone call first thing on Monday morning I expected the worst. Instead of becoming upset I looked at the situation from his point of view. I apologized most sincerely for causing him so much inconvenience and remarked that I must be his most troublesome customer as this was not the first time I was behind in my payments. His tone of voice changed immediately, and he reassured me that I was far from being one of his really troublesome customers. He went on to tell me several examples of how rude his customers sometimes were, how they lied to him and often tried to avoid talking to him at all. I said nothing. I listened and let him pour out his troubles to me. Then, without any suggestion from me, he said it did not matter if I couldn’t pay all the money immediately. It would be all right if I paid him $20 by the end of the month and made up the balance whenever it was convenient for me to do so.

Daily Affirmation: Today I understand first…

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