What Is Self-Knowledge?

Self-knowledge is the discovery from moment to moment of the ways of the self, its intentions and pursuit, its thoughts and appetites.  – Krishnamurti


Why should we care about self-knowledge? As we become conscious of self we realize that something’s going on! Life is going on, and we are an integral part of it. We start to understand our place and our level of participation in Life. Next, questions spring from within and they are pointers to a deeper understanding of why everything is the way it is


This journey of ‘self-knowledge’ must begin within. As we think and become aware of what we think, our understanding of self increases. That is the beginning, becoming increasingly aware of the origin of our thinking and its motives…

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM a seeker of self…

Recommendation: The Awakening of Intelligence by Krishnamurti

The Awakening of IntelligenceKindle Fire, Full Color 7