What To Do With Fear?

Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.  – The Urantia Papers

who are we?

Why do we let our fears dominate us? It’s because we don’t see them creeping up on us. Any time we feel depression setting or a feel uneasy, we should start paying attention to our thoughts. We’ll soon be able to trace that unease to an unreasonable fear we have of something or someone.   If we can become aware of such fearful thoughts we’ll be well on our way to recognize the ‘fraud’ they’re playing in our life. Let’s take control, we own our thoughts and can instead ignite the faith that’s lying dormant inside us!


I AM God’s child therefore have nothing to fear. Instead I recognize when dark thoughts start to stalk me. I replace them with loving thoughts that emerge from deep inside me.

Recommendation: The Urantia Papers

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