What Must We Do Now?

A human being is a deciding being.Viktor Frankl


We must decide. We feel lost and a lack of control when we can’t make the necessary decisions. We feel blue. To be happy we must ask the right questions and make the appropriate decisions followed by necessary action…


We must decide:

  • What’s most important to us?
  • Where do we need to grow?
  • What will our next steps be?
  • How can we improve our relationships?
  • How can we be happy without being selfish?
  • How can we contribute to Life beyond us?

Let’s not be overwhelmed by all the questions. Work on it like ants do, bit by bit. Take one question, journal it, make some decisions, ask for support from loving ones and don’t be discouraged!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM decision machine!

Recommendation: The EFT Manual by Gary Craig

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