We’re On The Journey!

The question is not, why start off on such a path? You have already started off. You did so with the first beat of your heart. The question is: Do I wish to walk this path consciously, or unconsciously? Neale Donald Walsch

it’s on!

We’re on the spiritual path whether we know it or not! So how can we make the most of it? How can a more conscious spiritual life contribute to our happiness or life effectiveness?

  • * What’s missing in our life?
  • * What would we truly love to have more of?
  • * Where is our life leading, ultimately?
  • * When will we spend time ruminating about these things?


Today I AM a thoughtful child of God. I AM certain that life is good and that everything has a purpose. Today I search for the purpose behind everything! I AM on the path!

Recommendation: Meditations from Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch

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