We Yearn For The Peace

We yearn for a moment’s peace and quiet, only to turn on the radio, make a phone call, or run an errand as soon as an opportunity for solitude presents itself.Ronnie Polaneczky

why do we move constantly?

We fill our life with motion. Incessantly. Why?




I think it’s because we’re running away from ourselves. We do need action in life, not constant action. At some level we’re afraid of facing our deep, apparently lonely, self. We feel more alive when we’re moving. Life is movement. When we’re still and without interaction; at a very deep level, we fear our mortality

breathe instead

Take pause; focus on your breathing. Slowly, find yourself calming down. Your mind will want to race, let it, don’t attach your attention to it or to its production, which are thoughts.

Once you start getting used to being still, at rest, a peace will start to descend, actually emerge from within you. Then you will know that you’ve never been alone.

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Moments in Between: The Art of the Quiet Mind