Truly resting your mind……

True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment. William Penn (1644 – 1718)

How do you obtain true rest? True rest isn’t possible without being able to rest (or completely rest) your mind! So what are the mechanics for achieving this? A mind at rest is one that’s not overcome by uncontrolled thoughts (of the past and the future) and one that’s not feeling the ravishes of fear.

Over time I’ll share several techniques with you, here are a couple for starters:

  1. Thoughts running amok: During the day put your attention on your breath whenever you can remember, this brings to a screeching halt the runaway train of your thoughts! Try it.
  2. Fear & Worry: You mull over your past often in regret and worry about a future that hasn’t yet (probably never will) come to be. Other than staying in the moment the essential pre-requisite to worry free living is to have Faith. Have faith in God that s/he truly looks after you, believe it, live it. Or if you doubt the existence of God, know that ultimately everything works out for good.

Living the spiritual life isn’t rocket science, like everything else worthwhile though, it takes habit building practice………….