To What End??

The best way to prepare for death is to spend every day of life as though it were the last. Think of the end of worldly honor, wealth and pleasure and ask yourself: And then? And then?St. Philip Romolo Neri

what would happen?

If we truly lived each day as though it might be our last? It’s a tall order of course. But imagine if:

  • We loved as though we wouldn’t last!
  • We worked on something as though it were the last thing we worked on!
  • We admired beauty as if we would be blind soon!
  • We drew wisdom from our experiences knowing that all things come to a physical end…

and then…

Saint Neri asks an amazing question about our life pursuits! And then?

After we reach our next goal, or when our child is born, or when we get our next promotion, buy that house, get that car, retire………………

Then what? Then what? Then what?

What’s the actual goal we’re pursuing? To what end are we living?

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM living life to the fullest!

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