How To Clear Our Mind And Unleash Creativity!

I must through self-knowledge, be aware of the whole process of my thinking.  – Krishnamurti

how we think

If we follow our own thinking we can do several things. We can understand how particular past thoughts originated. That can help us pinpoint the cause of a certain mental state we’ve experienced. We can also better understand our motivation to do certain things, which may otherwise be done unconsciously. We can comprehend how we build assumptions and entertain biases. We can finally begin to understand why we are where we are, physically, mentally as well as spiritually…

clarity & creativity

Really the best way to observe all this activity is be in the Zen moment of now. And then be the observer of self, detached from the constant barrage of mechanical thinking, stepping back and simply watching our thoughts. This does several amazing things:

  1. Clears our mind up
  2. Allows us to experience the peace that lies just under our normal stream of thoughts
  3. Enables true creativity to emerge

All this happens because when we’re observing, we’re not thinking! In other words, asserting our control over the whole process of thinking and watching how we think moves us toward being a master of self!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM an observer!

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The Awakening of IntelligenceKindle Fire, Full Color 7