This Is It…

Breathe a prayer of gratitude. And give those you love an extra measure of affection. Life is fleeting and love is precious. Cherish both.Galen Guengerich

life is fleeting

Benjamin Zander relates a touching story in this video (must watch!). An elder sister in a train escaping Nazi Germany gets really mad at her brother when he announces that he can’t find his shoes. Unfortunately that’s the last conversation they ever have. The sister later pledges that she’ll never ever utter another sentence to anyone if she knows it can’t be the last thing she’ll ever say to that person! Imagine her anguish. Life is fleeting…

regret not later

Let’s make the most of the lovely people around us. Let’s appreciate them, love them, touch them, hug them, serve them, kiss them and let’s never say anything to them that we would regret later.

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