Thinking straight…

One cannot think crooked and walk straight.Anonymous

How do we set our inside right? That has to be the first order of business, in the business of life.

I believe it must happen on 3 levels. I call it the MBS System, the Mind, Body and Soul System.

Soul: We ought to discover our Life Purpose. The path to which is led by self-knowledge. This can be a great basis for our whole being.

Mind: Our thoughts must be congruent with our highest desires i.e. our Life Purpose. We can’t expect to think thoughts that don’t support our mental, spiritual or physical well-being and expect to be happy campers.

Body: To live a Soul purpose and be of a sound mind, our body must be in good shape.

So you see our whole being must move in tandem for us to be fulfilled. All this can be quite over-whelming because hardly anyone is living in this wholesome fashion. The secret is to take small tri-pronged steps, daily and watch your life unfold!

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