The Truth We Often Overlook

10.10 To those who are ever in harmony, and who worship me with their love, I give the Yoga of vision and with this they come to me.

10.11 In my mercy I dwell in their hearts and I dispel their darkness of ignorance by the light of the lamp of wisdom. The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 10)

harmony and love

Harmony in mind and body allows us to focus on that which matters. We then realize that love is the way forward. Love of God and love of everyone else in our lives. Love becomes the means as well as the end…

the god within

It’s no small Truth that God resides within us. Just accepting this fact, in faith, opens new doors. When we accept this Truth, we give the Divine permission to be active in our lives. The more the Divine participates in our lives, the better off we are if we only allow it. Let’s remember this salient Truth, of God residing in our hearts, and accept the wisdom that can come our way!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM with the God within!

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